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    What do you think of Macs?

    I prefer windows over Macs, why? They're to expensive, their often twice the price of a windows operating system. Apple computers have limited gaming compatibility. Alternatively, windows are cheaper and have more customization when it comes to gaming, you have a choice if you want to build or...
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    Fidget Spinners

    According to what I've read fidget spinners are for people who are have got ADHD (disability), it stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I haven't got ADHD so I have no need to buy one again. I bought one of amazon for 5 pound back when kids found spinners popular.
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    Your favorite video game?

    My favourite video game is free to play at no charge and is known as It's a fidget spinner game, to get bigger you collet the cells/dots, you charge into other spinners which are a smaller score than you and that's the objective of the video game. You have to avoid bigger spinners...
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    Music you like

    I've been listening for three genres for more than 6 years now. I like pop, dubstep, electric only. For me, music is existence
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    Speeding up your desktop

    Here are some useful programs you can use to speed up your computer: Disk Cleanup Optimize Drives Still running low on storage? Delete unnecessary files and software, this will free up a lot of memory.
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    PC or Mac?

    PC, why? They are more affordable, better for gamers, cheaper support, and many more reasons why. Ever since I was little I've been a big PC fan and always will be
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    HC Money

    I've contacted the owner and the founder of HostingCompany should shed some light on we can spend our HC$ on. I've scoured the forum and I can't see a forum shop, just an FYI, can one get implemented? If a shop does get added then since it's a webmaster forum, can you add free web hosting...
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    Video game systems

    I have one video game system too and that is the Xbox. The version is the 360. That isn't to say I can't play video games on my Lenovo, but it can't take heavy games like my 360 can. I can still have fun with my Lenovo, surprisingly some of the game are very addicative. Why? Very annoying and...
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    Putting Animals To Sleep

    I'm in favour of putting animals to sleep. First the vet needs to try every avenue before putting the animal to sleep, your basically taking the pets life. There are number of factors that you have to consider, watching it suffer while trying to bring it back life, if your going to put it down...
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    Lottery Tickets

    I purchase one lottery ticket every week. I prefer to play lotto which gives you an option to pick 6 numbers for £2.00. One rule to remember "Only bet what you can afford to lose". I play for the fun, not to make money, I've never won anything above £10.00 on the UK Lottery.
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    How often do you clean your house?

    My mum cleans her bedroom, the kitchen, the lounge, and the rest of the property all apart from my bedroom. Usually ever sunday, that's my cleaning schedule to tidy my bedroom. First I'll tidy what need to be tidyied and then throw away any rubbish. The final step would be to hover my room and...
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    Most Recent Purchase

    My most recent purhase was for 10 pounds. I purchased dinner for my family(including myself). Cod and Chips for 3.25 each x 3 made the price ruffley 10 quid.
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    Why do you do what you do?

    Do you mean "what do you want to do rather what you do"? In life I only made the decision of what I'd want to do when I was 16 years of age and I decided upon the IT Industry. Now I'm working towards this in College gaining Maths and English qualifications
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    Saving The Environment

    Recycling Online banking Reusing plastic carrier bags Walking to work/college - leaving my car at home Planting trees This is I have been doing to save the planet! What have you done?
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    If You Could Be An Animal

    I would be a a human being, the animal I am now. Even though there is suffering, there is love, joy and happinesses. Humans are my favourite animals because there at the top of the food chain and you get freedoom of choice throughout your life. Life helps us overcome obsticals and then drive...