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    Does Social networks really do help?

    Social networks have paying customers. Of course it's going to be effective if you advertise correctly.
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    What do you think about web hosting companies using wordpress for their main site?

    1. You can make a unique Wordpress theme. 2. You can remove the copyright notice if you host it yourself or buy branding removal if hosted at It's just that it doesn't seem like the person is serious about keeping the web hosting company in the long-run since they're not even...
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    What do you think about web hosting companies using wordpress for their main site?

    I came across a web hosting company using Wordpress for their main website to list what they have to offer. At the time, I was kind of discouraged from buying hosting from them mainly because they didn't build their site from scratch. It seemed like they just wanted to set up Wordpress, slap on...
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    Have you ever owned a hosting company? Why or Why not?

    Nope and I don't think I would. There are soo many other hosting companies that can do a better job than I can. Plus I don't have the servers or a datacenter to use for it.
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    Worst hosting provider you've used?

    HostGator, hands down. Did they get hacked or was it just your sites?
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    Who is your domain registrar?

    NameCheap for me too. I've been tempted to give GoDaddy a try because of $1 deals but idk. I might just stick to what I know.
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    With whom have you had bad history?

    I've heard soo many bad reviews about 1 & 1. I think some time back they had a 1 cent or 1 dollar domain deal. Too good to be true :rolleyes:
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    Do you rather paying once or paying monthly?

    Not sure if I've ever seen designers charge little by little per request. If it's a complete project you give them, it's either a full one time fee or a part of the cash upfront and the rest when the job has been completed. I do know that designers charge for revisions after they have...
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    No follow links

    If I'm selling a text link or a banner ad, I have to add the rel nofollow attribute to it.
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    Your first host provider ever

    I think it was a free forum host and then I gave 000webhost or that xHosting free site a try. My first paid web host was HostGator. Didn't really have a great experience with them and I'm not sure who I switched to after. I think a guy offered me a cheap VPS from his self-owned web hosting...
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    Best VPS for wordpress sites

    Depends of your site's stats. Just use caching and have at least 1 GB of memory and you should be good to go for a starter wordpress site. Remember to keep your software updated too.
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    Ticket / e-mail only support

    I think it's acceptable. Not everyone can afford to have staff "man" phones 24/7 or have the number of phones to offer.
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    If you're transferring from cPanel to cPanel, you can just restore the backup through cPanel.
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    root access?

    Type "w" and it should bring up the results you're after.
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    Forum software

    I personally prefer xenForo. Pages load extremely fast and it's not that difficult to learn your way around it. Never liked IPB. Plus I heard a majority of the good add-ons have a price tag.