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    Traffic Exchange affiliate

    I'm not the owner so I can't do anything about it. But I can assure you that all of the traffics are real. I was suspended twice there when I was trying to minimize the window enough to just see the buttons not the websites. LOL By that I confirmed that they are seriously monitoring all the...
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    Online vs Offline marketing

    Wow what a nice strategy, I believed that their products is very delicious to be able to obtain such remarkable growth. I think they hired a food photographer expert to make their products more enticing in the eyes.
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    Hostinger Free Hosting (New Design 2017)

    Good day everyone just want to share what I'm using! ^_^ its pretty cool and fast. Though I don't recommend the "free hosting" for sites with heavy traffic you should avail there regular hosting plan if you have a massive traffic daily. :)
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    I might be bad but I feel good. :D

    I might be bad but I feel good. :D
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    Simple but compact design

    It also depends on your niche, if your niche is related to unique niche like anime, toys or stores it should be colorful and lively. ^_^
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    Video links vs embedded video

    As for me I tend to use embedded as well. It's unique and fast. But sometimes I prefer to use links specially if its under youtube. viewing videos on youtube site is more clearer and fast in my opinion.
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    Buying ready-made templates

    I also prefer ready-made its very easy for me to modify it to my liking, compare to making a theme from scratch it will take too much time and you need the knowledge in building it from scratch.
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    Forum Design and Logo

    I think it's a good idea admin to create a logo for this forum. Also the forum design is very simple I think its already time to develop this forum for the better admin.
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    Website promotion

    If it's only in a city, I think offline promotion is worth it. You can look for marketing agency and let them do the job. be sure to do a background check again because some of this agency's employees are not doing a good job.
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    Paid marketing.

    yeah I'd prefer google or facebook too as I've seen how effective their ads are. but if your planning to accept some offer from a group or private company you should do a background check and reviews. because it might ruin your pagerank if they didn't do it right.
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    Light vs. Dark

    I prefer dark, its cool to my eyes while the light seems so bright to my eyes.
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    Another MyBB Premium Theme [CLEAN-PRO] 2017

    The contact details are at the bottom of the image if your interested. ^_^
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    Traffic Exchange affiliate

    Note: This perfect for product and services niche. Warning: If your using adsense do not use this they are strict. But I heard if you are a premium member adsense will not find out. HOW TO EARN MORE MONEY in EASYHITS? - After viewing 1000 site you earn $0.30 - Earn up to $0.10 if you refer...
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    Online vs Offline marketing

    Base on my marketing insights, if your product/service is new to the market you might need to do more offline than online. Customers will love to see more demo and actual visualization to the new product/services. If your product/services is already existing and familiar to the market then...
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    I Really Like this [DARKFIRE] Premium MyBB Themes

    This is perfect for MyBB forum owner with gaming related niche. At this moment (7-23-17) they're on sale of this theme. You might want to avail now. :)