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    Importance of Images in marketing/advertising

    Marketing cannot be fully effective without images wired with the content of the marketing in order to boost the chances of such advert/marketing to capture readers minds and sway their preferences in favor of such products/services. It's said that pictures are worth more than a thousand...
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    How Do You Use Social Media?

    Sharing of one's website and post is the secondary aspect of using the social media networks to generate traffic. The most important thing is to first build your fan/friends/followers base before anything else, because if such people aren't already in place, sharing your website or post would...
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    Social media networks serves as an online community with millions of participants who look for one thing or another by being active in any of the social media networks like you mentioned in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But when it comes to have the best medium for online marketing...
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    Facebook is the best venue for online marketing

    When it comes to marketing the first thing to look out for is the numbers game and advantage because without the numbers, marketing is going to be a fruitless endeavor. So therefore, consider the number of Facebook users, it's crystal clear that it's a very good resource ground for intensive...
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    Hello everyone

    Good day to everyone and Administrator of the forum, I'm Martins by name and firstly I wish say a happy new year to all of us here. It's truly a great thing to successfully walk from 2017 into 2018 in one piece. A lot of people died along the way but we are fortunate to be among the living, so...