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    Dealing with registration options

    Captcha is not annoying for people as long as it works as supposed to. If it doesn't have any problems then it will be fine. Especially since people will only have to do it once when they register it should be fine. It's important that you have it on your blog because blogs tend to get a lot of...
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    Hey, I can't upload an avatar. Is it possible for you to increase the min size of 50Kb?

    Hey, I can't upload an avatar. Is it possible for you to increase the min size of 50Kb?
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    Buying ready-made templates

    When you want to build a website, do you buy ready-made templates from a site like ThemeForest or do you prefer to create HTML templates from scratch? Buying a ready-made template is a lot better sometimes especially for people that do not have much knowledge of HTML and CSS. It is also better...
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    Vlogging or Blogging

    Blogging used to be a good method to earn a steady stream of income especially if you managed to develop your blog enough to the point that you would be getting thousands of visitors every day. But I think blogs have decreased in popularity recently, how many people here read a blog every day...
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    Images on the homepage

    I think sometimes it is better to use icons on the homepage such as the ones that can be obtained by using FontAwesome. These act like text so they load much quicker compared to images. Of course, you want your homepage to look attractive so that it encourages people to stay and browse the...
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    Getting sponsors

    Getting sponsors for anything can be quite difficult nowadays. People like to spend money on themselves and very rarely do you find someone that wants to help someone else by giving away money. I was in a similar situation to you except I was looking to get a sponsored host because the...
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    Slow loading site

    Speed is one of the most important things to consider when you are developing a website. A lot of people tend to forgot about it because they are focused too much on the design and content of the site. People want to have good looking sites that they overlook loading speed. There is no point in...
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    Difficulties of Admins

    Admins of large forums definitely deserve a good pay because it can become quite a time consuming and difficult job sometimes. They have to manage the different forums, make sure everything is working well and ensure that the content throughout the forum is moderated properly when moderators...
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    Facebook vs. Twitter

    I think Facebook used to be the best for promotion purposes for businesses and website owners. But I think nowadays Twitter has definitely taken over. Facebook has the problem where a lot of content will not be shown to users because popular content is shown nearer the top of user's newsfeed...