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    I like very much to facebook & pinterest.
  2. J - good SEO blogs!

    Ok, Got It, I will try it.
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    Paid & Free guest blogging

    Which guest blogging is better than in between Paid & Free guest blogging ??
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    Favorite Fast Food

    I like pizza very much.
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    referral traffic vs social traffic

    Which type of traffic is valuable for leads in between referral traffic vs social traffic, please share your view ?
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    Content Creating Tools

    Is there any online tools available for Creating Content, Please share your view ?
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    Reducing website loading time

    How to reduce website open loading time, please share your view ?
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    About Facebook

    What do you think About Facebook ?
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    What are the latest updates in SEO 2018?

    I think google core algorithm updates in 2018.
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    Is any easy tips to rank keywords on Search Engine?

    Use Content based technique with quality content and take some times.
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    Is it worth building backlinks anymore?

    I think focusing on quality and authentication.
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    How ofton do you check your rankings?

    Manual way after website indexing.
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    Crawler/Spider Considerations

    Ok, Got It, Very Interesting topic sharing.
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    No follow links

    Why ?? why google penalized, please explain it.
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    Offline Marketing Way

    Which is the best way for offline marketing ?