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    How did you pick your username?

    Honestly, I don't remember why I picked this name clearly. As far as I remember, my best friend used to call me clara. Well, she likes heidi and in that her favorite character is clara. Also, my favorite color is violet. Well, I like all shades of purple and violet. So, by combining those two...
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    Mobile design vs Mobile application

    As others suggested responsive design is the better solution. If you go for a mobile app, then you will have to design stuff from scratch or use other software or applications like tapatalk or forumrunner or something else. You could get responsive designs for almost everything these days. Be it...
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    Forum Design and Logo

    I like the forum so far. Even though it's simple, it's quite consistent and I like simplicity the most. The only thing that I don't understand is, the forums. There are too many forums and some forums don't have enough posts. So, for now, it would be great, to just make them as sub-forums to a...
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    Second-hand computer.

    Lately I have been thinking about getting one. I have a laptop but if I have to travel, then I have to carry my laptop with me and it's really tiring. So, I have been thinking about getting another second hand laptop and using it, in my hometown. Well, I would need it to work from my home and it...
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    Does Social networks really do help?

    Honestly, I don't think so. Many forums or websites got their own popular pages. Still, they barely get enough members from social networking sites. People like following or liking content in the social media sites but that's about it. They don't really join the website or forum. So, I don't...
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    Is anybody into anime here? I am a big anime fan and have watched all the popular anime like naruto, one piece, bleach, fairy tail, seirei no moribito, kyou kara ore wa, ajin, attack on titan, claymore....I can go on and on. I have been watching anime for 6 years or so. So, are there any other...
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    Links to other sites

    When I have done some courses in SEO, links to other sites should be in 'no-follow' rather than a regular link. In that way, the crawlers wouldn't jump to that link, and start exploring that website. So, I usually hide links from guests, so the crawlers wouldn't be able to detect links to other...
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    Automatic backups

    I have been thinking about changing for a hosting that provides automatic backup for every 24 hours or so. Not many providers offer that along with hosting. We will have to purchase it separately but I did make note of some hosting companies that provide them along with hosting. So, what do you...
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    Hello everyone! I am Claraviolet, a big anime fan and a webmaster. I love posting in forums. Anyway, pleased to meet you everyone!