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    Simple designs or Creative designs

    We all know that designs are really important when creating a website. There are people having a hard time choosing what designs they will pick. They even stick to those designs that are simple and avoiding not to over-design their websites. But there are also people choosing to have an out of...
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    Is it practical to buy new laptop?

    I have a laptop for 2 years now so it's kind of old but I can still use it every day. I got envious of my friends who have new laptops. They keep bragging how cool it is to have a new laptop and they even comparing specs, me I just have to be quiet because I know I have nothing to brag about, my...
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    Hostgator vs Godaddy

    I've been searching which is the best web hosting company these days. I've read good reviews between Hostgator and Godaddy. My friend cited that he doesn't have bad experienced with Hostgator because it's fast and no downtime. He even said that Hostgator has a cheaper price to choose from. But...
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    How many computers do you have at home?

    I used to have two computers but now I only use my laptop. My PC doesn't have a power so I needed to repair it soon. I also use my PC for gaming and other stuff and I use my laptop for doing some documents. But what can be done to PC can also be done with my laptop so I guess if I wanted to rest...
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    Newbie here! Hello everyone!

    Hello, everyone, I'm a newbie here. I'm looking forward interacting with you guys. Hopefully, I could find new friends here. I'm excited to gain more knowledge about this site. Please share your knowledge because sharing is good and sharing is caring. Have a fantastic day everyone!
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    Don't forget to smile!

    Don't forget to smile!