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Well, 3,686 spam/fraud registrations and 121 legitimate registrations since my last ad posted here some months ago, I'm back with an updated post. I'd like to think the initial launch of Hoop Host was successful given that the rejection rate was relatively high. I won't try to sugar-coat it, there're a lot of great free hosting providers out there, but if you're looking for a one man show (for this project anyway) and a chance to put your website on infrastructure used as a staging environment for a production server, Hoop Host is for you.

About The Services
A few years ago, I've launched a free hosting service with the intent of expanding my knowledge on hosting infrastructure. This went very well, and many clients converted to paying customers because they loved the services. I've done this under my own name, no brands, no logos, just me. I've stopped offering this service, and grandfathered those currently on the servers and gave them some advice on what they should do now that the services were closing. Needless to say, the server kept running, clients didn't want to move, and I've adjusted the server, moved it to a virtualized instance, and shrunk it over time.

Now to the present, Hoop Host is running under the same principals. This service is just what the previous service was, a staging environment to test services to be deployed in a live production environment. The difference being, this time it's permanent. I've been in this industry for a very long time and can foresee myself still serving people in this field all the way up until retirement. Plans are staged to incorporate the services into an entity to give it longevity, and the same ideals will be adhered to throughout the life of Hoop Host.

Remember that sugar coating? It's not happening. What you see is what you get. Thanks for reading the above if you did, the good stuff is below (e.g. the stuff everyone skips to).

Service Features
  • cPanel Control Panel & Simple Frontend CP
  • CloudLinux
  • CageFS
  • PHP Selector
  • Offsite Redundant Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime (scheduled maintenance)

Metered Features
  • 1GB Disk Space (Free upgrades after 6 months or with community participation)
  • 100Mbps connectivity
  • 20 Entry Processes (Concurrent Connections)
  • 768 IOPS (I/O Operations Per Second)
  • 24/7/365 Courtesy Support (see note #3)
  • CPU & RAM will be metered soon, this is undergoing testing.

Unrestricted Features
  • Bandwidth
  • FTP & Email Accounts
  • Databases & Database Users
  • Subdomains, Addon Domains, & Parked Domains

Upcoming Features
  • SSH Access
  • Nothing else planned.

Additional Information
  • cPanel Certified Administrators
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • All hardware owned, not leased. I drive and rack my own servers. I'm very proud of this and feel this line should extend across the screen.

Ready to get started? You can view all plans at the following URL.
- https://www.hoophost.com/hosting-free.html

Note 1: Bandwidth is unrestricted, but not unlimited. The average bandwidth used by sites we host is 1-3GB per months. If you need more, that's fine. If you need 1000's of TBs per month, you need to consider another provider.
Note 2: Emails are not unlimited. There's a magic number that generates as your account ages/email usage increases or decreases. This number will not be disclosed, but if you hit these limits, an audit will trigger for obvious reasons. We just want to be open about this.
Note 3: Our support is 100% courtesy. You are expected to have knowledge on maintaining your own websites and experience with cPanel. We ask that you keep support requests limited to the operating infrastructure and pointing out issues should they arise. There is staff other than myself, so please be courteous.
Note 4: Backups are maintained regularly, more than 3 times per week. You do not have access to these, and these are intended for emergency restorations when something happens at the server level. If you would like backups for human error or for any other reason, backup your files. If you're moving away from Hoop Host, a courtesy cp-move file can be provided. This is the only exception.
Note 5: The rejection rate is very high. 96.8% of all free hosting accounts are rejected, and 94% of those rejections are due to failure to follow instructions. If you're not a spammer or fraudster, you'll have no issues getting services. Also, don't use fake information. That's grounds for automatic rejection. 1234 My Street is not a valid address.

I say "We" and "Our" a lot in this thread. Most of your interaction will be with me, and any involvement from other agents will be strictly courtesy. We are 100% US based.
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