How many of you use FontAwesome?

I find it incredibly useful for displaying icons without having to sacrifice that extra loading time to load images (so web pages load up faster on browsers with slower Internet speeds) and the bandwidth images consume.

If you don't use FontAwesome, what's stopping you exactly?
Thanks a lot for the wonderful piece of information. I will try to use it for sure. This is the main reason why I love this platform. It makes me learn so many new things.
I use FontAwesome on some of my websites and I can state that it really is a very handy and light feature.
They are constantly putting in new characters and this is very interesting. Also, we have time loading which may be faster than using icons or images on your own website.
I use, approve and recommend!
I find it incredibly useful too. I use FontAwesome icons more often than icon images nowadays, it saves on load speed. Their range in icons is pretty impressive too, I usually find what I am looking for.