Is anybody into anime here?
I am a big anime fan and have watched all the popular anime like naruto, one piece, bleach, fairy tail, seirei no moribito, kyou kara ore wa, ajin, attack on titan, claymore....I can go on and on.
I have been watching anime for 6 years or so.
So, are there any other anime fans here?
My favorite anime is Fairy Tale it has a wonderful story and the character is very heartwarming. Everytime i am watching fairy tail and i know what it feels to be in a guild because i am playing online games which require a guild. And my guild member is so friendly and so loving they help me in everything, leveling, collect rare items and fighting in enemies they got my back like fairy tail member got theirs.

Second is dragon ball z for me it is a legend among the anime. No anime can compare in Dragon Ball Z.