Money or Happiness?


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If I have to choose only one I will surely choose happiness simlpy because you cannot live it if you are not happy. Money cannot be bought for happiness even how rich you are once you are not happy, your life will be miserable.


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well, be practical, money. we all know that we need money, and if you have money, you can buy anything. buying the things that you want, the things that you needs, will make you happy right? but if you want to get the attention, sympathy or respect, specially in a simple conversation or like forum, well, I will choose happiness... but in real life, money.


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Difficult question but I'd say money.

We can all be sentimental and say the well-known quote 'money doesn't buy happiness' and to an extent I think that's true as you see celebrities who suffer from a wide range of mental health issues.

None the less, money can make life a hell of a lot easier and as a result bring about more happy days than you otherwise would have had sad. You can also make a huge positive social impact with money and charity work. You could actually do work you love, volunteer and all that kind of stuff if money weren't a factor.

I suppose that's why they say money is the root of all evil.
As for me, I will also choose happiness over money, for the reason that a person can still be happy without money. A lot of people in my country do not have enough money to sustain their everyday need, but you will be surprised that they are still hospitable, ready to help you in the least thing that they have. They can even put up a very good joke and get things lighter to ease the lack of money.

On the other hand, having all the money in the world does not satisfy an individual. It is like buying stuff, doing plastic surgeries and never get contented, because the happiness that they experience is always cut short, especially if they bored with whatever present thing they have.
I believe comparing money and happiness has a different type of ideas. I believe in both actually. If money can bring happiness to someone, like someone is very sick and their love ones has no money to get them well and better and you have the capable to share some of money i believe it can be source of joy and hapiness to them. Same thing to others who desperately needed money to be with their love ones. But if we are talking about happiness that like time, quality time that we lost to our family because of work, if we shows no love because we are not aware that love is all their need besides money, so it is happiness indeed. Emotional Happiness is came from, Love, attention, time, support, etc. with related with money. Its still depends on what a person wants, and if they know how to appreciate some simple things.
I would rather choose happiness over money since money can't buy all your happiness. Although money is important for us to buy our needs and want and for us to survive in this world but happiness is much worth it than money. Money cannot be use all the time especially if there is nothing available you can buy, for an instance in a calamity wherein you have a lot of money but then there is no store or food that you can buy for exchange of your money. Even if you have a lot of money but then your happiness is not complete then it will be useless.
Happiness is more important. If you have lots of money but don't have happiness then that money is waste for you. In practical, with money, a complete happiness is not possible. So, we need to earn such amount which makes you happy and others who live with you. Your politeness, behavior, and your smile face can make happy to others. If other persons happy with you then you get a peace of mind and you also feel happy.