Do you love your pet?


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I have a pet and its a dog. My Dog name is Poopie, kinda smelly right? But no he is not smelly I use to take him a bath. Poopie is a cute and loving dog and that's why I love him so much. he is so caring and thoughtful, he knows when I'm sad and down and he is there to listen and he makes me smile when tears begin to fall with his cuteness. He is my roommate and my bedmate something :). He is my best friend and seems to be my boyfriend :). He has become a part of my life that no one could ever replace him. I can't even imagine my life without him. I love him so much!


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Actually, I'm not consider my dog as a pet, i treat him like my little brother, because the way he act, and understand my simple gesture, he knows what to do next. I call him by his name, Odie, and not a normal call for a dog. The only thing that missing to him for being human I think, i to talk.


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I think anyone who doesn't love their pets, shouldn't have them.

It's difficult not to get emotionally attached to your pets because that's basic human psychology.

I have a budgie and I adore the little fella, I love all animals really but because of my personal allergies I'm restricted to what type of pets I can own, my girlfriend suffers similar allergies, as such a budgie is what we had to settle with, that being said I wouldn't change the little guy for the world.
I am a Dog and Cat lover. I treat my pet like a family, I fed them with a good stuff food, i am worried when they are sick. For met hey are not just a pet but also a friend. There's a point in my life that i go in a very deep depression, because my business went close, i am broke, i have debt, and i am alone because my family is in other country and i dont wanna tell them that i am broke because i feel a disappointment to them. So i face it alone not knowing what to do i don't open up with somebody because of my ego is on the way , i cant face the fact that i am broke. But i have 2 pet in my house a dog named BLUE and my cat named SASHA .Everytime i am playing with them i am simply forget about my problem and helps me to not to think too much. That's why from that moment i do believe in the pet theraphy. After a month i started to feel better a think clearly and got through my depression and problem. I am better now i got my business back, and it's getting better now. And everytime i saw my pets i just smile and thank them because they help me without any in returned just love them always.
Yes of course I love my pet, I have a cat in our house. I love our cat because it is so nice and friendly, it also clean our house by catching the rats and other insects in our house. I would always give it a shower whenever I have some free time or if I have no work from my job. I really love my pet and I consider it as one of my family since a pet have also a heart and brain, they understand and getting an affection to humans very easily especially if they already adapted to the environment where they live in.
Yes, love my pet dog, his name is Charlie.