Politics: Good or Bad?

Politics is one major thing of the world, People are always discussing the economy, the President and more. Bringing the meaning of stress to a whole new level, but that doesn't mean its bad or good. Just stressful for Politicians. :p

What's your thoughts on politics?
In my country politics is very bad. My country is suffering because of corruption, every politician always said to my countrymen that they will deal in corruption and make my country better. But all years gone and there's nothing happen, they are all sucks, they have all the ability they have the money they have all the access, even though people like me a simple citizen will act against corruption they just ignore it, and says nothing.
I am just hoping that someday my country will free from those politician that only goal is to get rich.
I think politics is not a good thing to consider since it only gives a bad image to a certain country. Due to politics my country men are being divided into different parties. Politics bring chaos and disunity to everyone. I think it is a not a good option especially since most politician are corrupt, they are just doing great things for their own benefits. The poor people are becoming poor while the rich ones are becoming rich because of these politics. Politicians are making any promises that later on turns to nothing, it is better to eliminate politics since it does not give any advantage to its people.