How many posts do you post?

i like to post alot of threads and topics, well on this forum though ive never really been active on any other forum. :D

Not even my own. What about you? on this forum or any other forum.


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It is all about the passion and love I have for writing that always drive me to post and reply to posts done on forums. I have to say that I've been a keen member of this forum for it has thought me so much about how I can be able to interact through my posts and that's amazing.

Posting on forums is what gives me joy and the best way or learning things that I never knew before I began posting on forums.
Writing is one of my hobbies, so when it comes to making posts and threads, I find it interesting to do as long as it's a topic that interests me, I would carve out good time to drop my post as well as replies to some other people's post that interest me.

Making new threads is a must for me on daily basis. I find it very useful and important for the growth of any forum that new threads are created on daily basis by all members at least one thread per member in order to encourage conversation.
I'm a old member, joined last year. Everday, I will create 5 new replies to existing discussions on hostingcompany. Writing is a hobby of mine and I have a passion for expressing my views online.