How many hours does your computer stay on daily?

My notebook usually stays on for 12 to 14 hours - sometimes more, sometimes less - per day (with 1 or 2 hour intervals). Depending on the work I have to do at home, there have been days of staying connected for more than 20 hours (I know it's a lot... but it was necessary at the time).


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It depends on how free I am to be available online. Normally I go online in the evenings when I have finish with my daily regular activities. On a very good day online especially on my off days my system is left on for a cumulative time of at least 10 hours. At days when I am so occupied I am not sure my system is opened more three hours
When my computer was still working well, I used to spend around 3 hours at home excluding my computer use in the office which was at least 4 hours. But when I retired and my home computer developed a problem with the hard disk, I learned how to be thrifty with the computer time. Using my spare system hard disk, I now limit my computer use to 3 hours in a day although that self-imposed limit is violated when I have a writing project which usually takes days to finish. In those times, I would be on the computer all day long and until after dinner time.
I generally spend around 12 to 16 hours per day on my computer, mostly doing web development on my websites. I often also watch YouTube videos on a secondary monitor.
I really only restart my computer or turn it off if I need to restart it for some reason (panic crash, freeze, etc) or if I am leaving for more than a couple of days. Otherwise I like keeping my computer on, just for ease of access I suppose. When I go to bed I turn it on sleep, or leave a TV show going while I fall asleep. I haven't noticed any long term effects with the computer yet and I've been doing this for many years. Sometimes I do notice after I restart it the computer is quicker but it is not a big enough difference for me to care. However I usually spend 10-12 hours on my computer, whether it be for studying or playing games.
14 hours... at least. My laptop that stays at home is on 24/7. I turn the monitor it is connected to off but it stays on 24/7 so I can multi-task on it while I"m at work using teamviewer.
My laptop, is on 24/7 at home, I usually put an alarm on it, so I know it wakes me up early in the morning. My desktop is usually on 14 to 16 hours a day, it usually depends if I'm working or not. If I am working it's less and if I'm not it's usually more. It depends what I do on it as well. Work stuff, I normally leave the desktop on.
Most likely over 10 hours per day. Sometimes even over 20.

My computer starts up fast but sometimes I leave it in sleep mode so that I can switch it on faster.
If you talk about the present time then mine would be less than 3 hours daily. This is mainly because of lack of online work projects which are available for me.

But last month it used to be more than 10 hours per day. I wish I get some good work project soon and get busy again.
My computer is usually on 24/7. I never turn it off unless if I go away camping or something like that. I heard it's actually better for a computer to be left on all the time than always turning it on or off. Not sure how true that is. I haven't noticed any negative effects of leaving my computer on all the time and I've been doing this for years too.
I have my computer turned on for at least 10 hours minimum in the week. In the weekend it may be turned on for more than 14 hours.
I am spending 8 to 10 hours per day on my laptop.
I am a hobbyist blogger, which means I am blogging for fun. Well, if I make money, that's wonderful, however, if I do not make money, it does not converm me. Normally, I spend around 3-4 hours working on my blog posts and blog site every day.
4-6 hours on a day to day basis, weeekdays I have to allow time formy studies for my career. The weekend it's longer averaging 12-14 hours. I'm not sure the negativite impacts has on my the hardware for leaving it running all the time, but I haven't noticed anything so far.