Web Root & Other Anti-Viruses

We all need a basic antivirus on our computers, tablets, phones, and etc. ( Besides Windows defender.)

I was wandering which one you use and why,

Personally I use Web Root as it has saved my PC from multiple infections and it instantly takes care of problems. It also takes no longer than 1 minute to do a full scan on everything. Even though Mcaffe Premium Security Suite comes with my TV subscription, I don't use it I use web root.

I had used Web Root in thee past but over the years had switched from anti virus to anti virus. I usually just stick with avast for a while but I am looking to try some brand to anti viruses like Vipre.
Norton Anti-Virus. Once a week, I run a quick scan and update my anti-virus and monthly I run a full system examine. I use Norton because it comes with 100% virus removal promise when you need help removing a virus, you will receive help from a computer specialist for free, and they guarantee that they will remove the virus or they refund the cash on your norton product. I've had serveral PC infections and the agent has always removed it for me.