How strict are you on SEO?


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When it comes to making decision for your web, how big of a role does SEO comes to play?

I have seen people stressing so much about wanting to do things but no going with them simply because they think it goes against SEO. For example, not having a website separated in two languages because fear it counts as duplicates and they sink.

I mean, it is fine if you just don't care about those features, but sometimes I feel like some people are so strict on SEO that the web doesn't have time to build something unique that separates them from the rest and is an enjoyable project for the owner.

So how strict are you to follow SEO tips and does it take a toll on you?
Have you had to bury an idea you liked in order to not risk your SEO progress?
You should be careful about your SEO techniques and not only consider how much traffic that you get to your site- but also remember that its all about the conversion rates as well. Also, consider if its a local business not using so many global keywords and be careful not to attract people who are just looking for free information and not really interested in buying something. I would make sure your content is of high quality and you will have more of a chance to succeed as well.


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When I am working on a article for a client, or for a client website, I strictly follow all SEO techniques. However, when I am working on my own website or article, I don't follow SEO tactics strictly. Since I am not earning much from my blogs and online articles, I don't spend too much time doing SEO. However, I earn upfront from client therefore I am more serious while working for a client.


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It all depends.

If your website relies heavily on search engine traffic and you generate a significant income from that search traffic, then yea, you don't want to be messing about with your SEO and practising seedy stuff like duplicate content. Doing so could literally cost you your business and revenue.

If your website markets and gets most of its traffic from social sources, then you have a lot more room to just be free and do what the hell you like.

I try and take SEO seriously but I'm not overly strict if I'm honest, mainly because being so strict with it becomes very time-consuming where SEO becomes the primary focus of your business rather than the things that actually matter.