Your first host provider ever


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We all have to start somewhere, some with more research than others. That first provider can be a very sweet experience or a nightmare to deal with. I made this theme with your stories in mind more so than the name of the company, so feel free to omit it if you rather so.

So, how was your first host provider?
Did you make any rookie mistakes you've learned from?
I think it was a free forum host and then I gave 000webhost or that xHosting free site a try.

My first paid web host was HostGator. Didn't really have a great experience with them and I'm not sure who I switched to after. I think a guy offered me a cheap VPS from his self-owned web hosting company since I was a staff member helping him out.


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My first was Just Host and I fell for the packages as I thought it would be easier than renewing each year. This was nearly a decade ago, so wordpress wasn't as advanced as it is now and the templates they had on offer were basic to say the least. Leaving them was hard because I needed to transfer my domains first, and then cancel the hosting. They didn't make it easy as I had forgotten my passwords and trying to retrieve them was tiresome because I had changed a few email addresses.

I'm now with Namecheap and am happier with it even though a shared server has it's issues. It's cheap for my needs and also the customer service has always been quick and helpful.


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My first host was Forumotion. Worst host evee. We were talking about their services on a forum I used to have and a coadministrator demonstrated just how pathetic their security had gotten by allowing me to log into his account. I was able to get in by using the first password that came to my head. I was in his account. Whoa


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The first hosting company that I joined was Go Daddy. However, I could not register a domain or buy hosting at Go Daddy. You need a verified paypal to make purchases on Go Daddy and I did not have verified paypal. Then I joined iPage and Namecheap. I compared the prices and chose to register my first domain and get a hosting plan on Namecheap. I am with namecheap since two years.


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I had done much research on becoming a hosting provider and wanted to get into it a few years back, so I did and went with a re-seller package from a hosting company that no longer exists. What these people did to me was bang out of order for the simple fact they stole all my clients from me and just cut me off. I never will buy a re-seller hosting package due to this simple fact that they can easily still your clients but this is my own experience.