Second-hand computer.

Have you thought about buying or already bought some one of them?

I even thought about buying (when I didn't have the money needed to buy the computer that I wanted), but I never bought it. I always prefer to save my money and buy a new computer because I like to know that I'm spending my money the right way.
Sometimes you can get great value from a second hand computer because they could be misinformed of the parts that could be in the computer. Anyways, could always turn a good value out of reselling the computer.


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At first I never thought of buying a second hand computer but circumstances led to that. I took my computer for repairs but after a thoroughh check the technician told me it was beyond repairs. Luckily he had fine refurbished computers on sale which didn't cost much. He advised me to go for one of the second hand if I am not financially buoyant for new one. I did and over eight months now working perfect.
I have never personally brought a second hand but I also would not recommend buying one unless you are planning to upgrade it into a gaming system.

For example, you could a cheap dell with an Intel Quad Q6600 and upgrade it with a better power supply (about 500w), a decent graphics card and maybe a bit more RAM. This should make a pretty good gaming system that can keep up with the current generation of consoles at a lower price point.
I don't think it's a good idea. Personally, I wouldn't sell my machine if it were still good. So setting the motivation of money aside, when people sell their computers out it's probably because something's wrong with it.
Right now, I need a new computer but I never entertained the thought of buying a used computer. Technology is so fast paced that your new computer today may become obsolete next year. That’s why it is imperative to buy the latest model of computer to at least savor the new technology. My 7-year old computer is already experiencing old age because some software wouldn’t install anymore. Even Dropbox and Google Drive wouldn’t run anymore that I feel I am being forced to buy a new computer.
I think there are to many cons when buying a used computer though,and its nice to have some new cutting-edge technology than some old fogey technology from the past. Also the used computer might last longer than a new one, but then again they may not be fothcoming when they tell you about the used one,sort of like a used car dealer ?
Buying and using second hand things is definitely not my cup of tea. I always prefer to use brand new and unused items. I think that trying to save money by opting for a second hand stuff can lead to further money loss in case of any breakdown. Henceforth I prefer to buy new stuff with some minimal working guarantee.
I purchase open-box/used/refurbished computers from Best Buy all of the time because as an employee I get awesome discounts on them. I'm talking up to 75% off depending on the time of year I purchase the computer. I would have never thought about refurbished or used computers before I worked here but I wouldn't ever go back because I am using an HP Spectre that was "open-box" but it was basically brand new with nothing wrong with it and it is usually $1100 but I got it for $700 for an issue I had with Geek Squad on a previous laptop. Freaking awesome! I love working with Best Buy.
I have never bought any second hand PC for me.But I have bought a second hand laptop many days ago from a market.I am wonder that laptop is still working good without creating any kind of problems.It was in a very good condition when I bought it from market.
For me it doesn't matter if it is second hand as long as it functions same as brand new then it is good. Why spending more buying now one when you can have the same function with the cheaper one? And sometimes second hand items are better in condition than new one. Most of the new item now a days are just good with the features but with the longevity of it in terms of usage is not that good. Some old gadgets are more durable even some features are not latest but sometimes durability is more important than the new features.


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There's nothing wrong about buying second hand computer as long as you know how to recognize if it's still usable or not. Buying second hand computer or any gadgets will save you a lot of money but make sure that you know how to recognize some of specs, and if not you should bring anyone of your friends who has the backgrounds of being I.T or even just being technician. because if not, maybe you might just wasting your money for buying second hand computer.
I had purchased second hand laptop. I know the owner so it's an advantage. Buying from online requiring you to be more careful and take the possibilities. Double check everything before buying and ask the information you're looking for before paying . It's gonna be better if they can show you the reciept just to make sure that it's from a licensed store not just a copy or imitation.


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I build my own PC or rebuild the secondhand PC, I'll make sure my processor is INTEL because I'm a gamer.

I can build my own PC, for me it's not all about the names or the brand of the PC, it's all about the features of your ATX motherboard had.
If you're planning to buy a secondhand gadgets, especially computers, you would want to buy someone you know personally. It's easy to sell items like these, same goes to buying since it's cheaper compared to brand new, but trust is really hard to find. A lot of people tend to sell damaged secondhand items. They would say it's okay and no problem, but better ask their true reason for selling.
Lately I have been thinking about getting one.
I have a laptop but if I have to travel, then I have to carry my laptop with me and it's really tiring. So, I have been thinking about getting another second hand laptop and using it, in my hometown.
Well, I would need it to work from my home and it would save me time and trouble.
Still, I am kinda hesitant as to why other people would give up a fine working laptop and such.
I am with the IT department of a bank since 30 years ago although I am assigned in the operations and not in the technical section. My orientation with computers is that you never buy a used computer unless you know the owner, maybe your sibling or best friend. Computers are like cars that has a low resale value which means a 2-year old computer costs less than half of the original price. But the issue is the obsolescence of the used computer because technology is fast-paced and there are new models in the market. The advice of the experts in our office is to buy a new one or maybe a 6-month old computer will do provided you know the owner.
When I was buying a new computer this year I thought of second hard first. But it got out of stock and had to go with a brand new.