Where do you shop the most? Online or in-store? Which store(s)?

Do you shop online or in-store?

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I shop in the store mostly though I buy things on Amazon a lot. My $1k Amazon Credit Card shows this. Hahahaha

The store I shop in most is Wal-Mart. Though I work in Best Buy so that is my second most purchased place... mainly because of snacks. Hahahaha
I mostly shop online because for me it is more convenient, I will just browse online and purchase the item I want. By that, I can avoid traffic, hassle in paying, I can also avoid unexpected bad weather and many more annoying thing. And most item I want like makeups are not available in department stores here and you can only bought online. Most of the online store here offers free shipping, so why rushing going to mall? When you can have you items while waiting in the convenience of your home. The application I shopped the most is Shopee and Carousel.
I'm always looking at the sale products of Lazada, since ordering online is really convenient, you don't need to go to the mall, and time saver. Even the payment option is great, just select the product that you will purchase then pay it thru Card. But also consider the risk that they may get the information of your card so before we purchase we need to check the security of of the site first.
Shopping online saves my time. That's the major puroose why I love shopping online and they deliver so it's really convenient. But on the otherhand, there are some things that I really need to go in-store. Those things that I need to fit and check for the quality of the material.


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In store, I love to walk, doing windows shopping, looking for possible things to buy, talking to sales woman/man, to know if there's some items that I'm looking for, (but deep inside, I know they don't have that). I just want to talk. And also, If I'm going to buy something, I want see the actual product to know if i really like to buy that thing, because I got some bad experience about online shopping by receiving the wrong item and almost a month of negotiation to refund my money until I decided not to refund anymore.
I think you can really cover a lot of ground online and buy about anything you want or think of(I shop Amazon a lot). I think I really like shopping in store for the little things, like groceries and other things-but for the more complex or bigger items-I would have to go with online shopping. Items like computers or hard to find things, I like to buy online-but most of all, its a price and time saver when you have the whole world at your fingertips and so you save with gas and other expenses, that it takes to shop in the physical store.
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My mode of shopping depends on the stuff that I need to buy. If it is about clothes, then I always prefer buying at an offline store.

For other stuffs, I look for good deals at authentic sites. I buy online only if their are big discounts and cashback offers.


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I would have to say at the moment it is in-store purchasing. I buy all of my groceries in-store as there a decent supermarket just down the road from me. I do order bits and pieces off amazon and other online stores though.
In India, I choose Flipkart because the consumer complaints are very less than Amazon and other online shopping websites.