How often do you get a new phone?

It seems like these days people just get new phones yearly and I never understood why. Most specs on phones don't improve that much year to year. I would say you should wait and get a new one at the least, every other year. I wait 3 years myself or until my phone breaks. How often do you get a new cell phone these days?
I am not a type of person who always bought a new phone when there's new at the market for me it's not practical. I like using my phone as long it is working base on what i need, texting calling, surfing, camera, music sounds... those are the most important feature of my phone to be the rest is just a unnecessary. I can use a phone in a 5 years or 6 as long it still working. But some people are not just like me they like to bought a new phone because they want to show their friends that they can afford instantly and i respect them its theirs choice of spending their money a trophy for their hardwork.
Honestly I rarely get a new phone due to a very limited budget, I sometimes would get a new phone every after five years or more since I am not really into making a new phones every year, as long it is still okay and still works I would use it until the end of its life or capacity. I am just being practical since it is very hard now a days to make some money that is why I am being too cautious when it comes to buying some new phones. It is not really matter if your phone is new or old as long as it really cater your needs then it is still worth it.
I set a time schedule on my changing of my phone and it's keyed at every 3 years intervals before I start looking at the prospect of having any current mobile devices that I'm using changed.

The current phone which I'm using is going to be 3 years by November this year and I'm already considering several options to use and replace it. So far, it's Samsung Galaxy J7 that I have fixated my mind upon.
On an average. I change my phone after every 2 years. This is the maximum duration when any phone can sustain my rough handling. I'm among those clumsy people who always fail to handle the smartphone and it keeps falling every now and then. This is the reason why I never but very expensive phones.
I have the iPhone 5, there is no for me to replace it or buy a new one, they are very expensive and for the iPhone 10 it costs around £1,000. I'll only get a new one when my old smart phone stops working. I've had my device for 4, nearly 5 years now