Glossary terms of SEO part 2

The term Dayparting

What is Dayparting? Dayparting is in terms of online advertising; here is the arrangement of a campaign ad so that it appears at times specific day or week.

Degraded term

Degraded? Degraded as part of the content or the code has been simplified to show instead of the content, or the main code that search engines or Web site visitors can not read due to technical limitations.

The term Digital Native

What is a Digital Native? The term only those born in a world where digital technology has become so popular, or the familiar and very comfortable to use these technologies.

Terms Direct traffic

Direct traffic? Direct traffic is visitor traffic a web page by typing the URL directly into your browser or click on a link beat mark (bookmarked link).

The term Dynamic keyword insertion

Dynamic keyword insertion? Keyword auto-arrange in the form of pay-per-click advertising to match keywords by search engine users enter on.

Elevator speech terminology

Elevator speech? Elevator speech is a marketing industry slang refers to a brief but contains summary information about an individual or business career. Named so because all the major issues should be presented over a period of 30 seconds - the equivalent of a leg lift.

Glossary Entry page

Entry page? See landing page (landing page).

Glossary Exit page

Exit page? Exit page is the last page of the website that users view in a Hit.

Followed term link

Followed link? Followed link is simply a link does not add the attribute "nofollow". Sometimes "followed link" is also known as "dofollow link". View nofollow.

The term geotagging

What is geotagging? Geotagging is meta information of the location or address on a web page.

The term Ghost bloggers

Ghost bloggers? Ghost bloggers who have been hired to write a post on their blog on behalf of an individual or a company, and they often do not have What powers a company or individual.

Graphical text terms

Graphical text? Graphical text is the text displayed in an image file as JPEG, PNG or GIF. Search engines can not read this text.

Hosted term tracking

Hosted tracking? See client-side tracking.

Hot linking terms

What is hot linking? Hot linking is the act of inserting the content, images or video of other people to your website. This action is not the owner of the capacity allows, and is often seen as acts of piracy and bandwidth.

Hyperlocal search terms
Hyperlocal search? Heyperlocal search page is to provide search results for selected neighborhoods or defined geographic areas. Example: AD report shows only user-Mobile store within 10km from the advertiser.

Informational search terms

Informational search? Informational search that queries posed by users to express search for information they need.

Transactional search terms

Transactional search? Transactional search is the search query contains words such as: buy, sell, order, download ... indicates that the desire to make a deal translation.

Navigational search terms

Navigational search? Navigational search is oriented search. A search query using the brand name or company name search shows the mean to find a specific company.

Invisible text terms

Invisible text? Invisible text is the text on a web page that visitors can not see if you use a standard browser.

Keyword density term

What is keyword density? Keyword density is keyword density, refers to the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a site divided by the total number of words on a page.
Usually expressed as a percentage.

Landing page terms

Landing page? Landing page is a web page focused on the viewer or subject, certain products. It serves as the destination of the traffic was used the search engine. The center of the landing page optimization efforts, also known as page (entry page).

Link term equity

What is Link Equity? Link equity, also known as affiliate networks. It is a measure of the value of the website's search engine based on the quality and quantity of inbound links page. Like a coin, link equity is transferred between sites through links. Also known as link juice.

Link farms term

What is a link farm? Link farm is a term used to refer to a website that contains many links to other websites. Links from other sites often have substance low quality and not worth improving the search engine rankings.

Link juice term

What is Link Juice? See link equity.

Link rot terms

Link rot? The term only increase over time in the number of broken links in the network or for each individual site. Also
called linkrot (consecutive).

Term Link validator

Link validator? Link validator software refers to check the operational status of the link in a web page.

The term Linkability

What is Linkability? Linkability refers to the ability to receive inbound links to a website.

The term Linkbait

What is Linkbait? Linkbait is a seo techniques, create backlink through the form creative content to attract traffic and then create backlinks for your site.

Localized search terms

Localized search? localized search is a local search, the search results are displayed in a specified manner, based on the geographical location of the search. Is a type of search is personalized (personalized search).

The term Lurk

Lurk? In social networks, this is the action visit the forums or other social sites that do not participate in the interaction going on there.