Highlight the Keyword

When do SEO, you can highlight the keyword, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ... will appreciate the words are bold than usual, so you will have more chances to rank higher. So, after you have optimized the header h1, h2, h3 ... you'll optimize the content of the text by highlighting the keyword.

You can use the tags as <strong> <em>, <B>, <I> and <u> for the keyword.

Optimizing images

Sometimes you want to use one of the images in the website or as text. In Web Design, one of us also recognize that whether it is 1 or cheap web design professional web design is one of the images is one of the most important elements to make your website more beautiful. But in the world of SEO, the image makes you do not optimize your website because the search engines to "read" your images, so you have to use the Alt tag to describe the image.

The general rule is that you should not limit the number of images used on 1 website, where you can use text, you should use text, if forced to use the images you have to use the card Alt:

<IMG SRC="yourimage.jpg" ALT="description for your image">

Alt tag addition make search engines "read" your image alt tag is first required in the W3C standard. When you seat the mouse over the image alt tag content will show up one small line above it, so that users can read the meaning of it. Alt tab is also where you can take advantage of to add to your keyword, but instead you just list the keyword, you should write one complete sentence, or one phrase to describe the image. You should always remember that you are building a website for users to read, not to build a website is to to Search Engine "read". Another note for the use of Alt tags that you should not use the same one keyword more than once for the first image and use over and over again for the pictures, if you have more than 1 web page, you should create Alt tags are completely different content, if not you will be punished by Google.

Question: using images with text in the alt tag with content in text? The answer is NO, complete with text content far better than using the Alt tag.
Note: you restrict the use of image as little as possible because the search engines can not read images.