Online Business Goals

I don't have an online business but I have a local business. I hope to have a better online presence with my website and social media accounts. I also hope to have more clients and to keep them happy so they will keep coming back.
My work is not related to the online world except for the promotion part. For this, yes, I want to avail the maximum channels I can. My target is to promote my services locally in my area. I will not be able to render services outside my city so there is no point in using national platforms.
I would say that I need to scale it up with my business that I have online-and its fine with what I am doing, but I need to bring in lots more money I would say. So yes I am working on expanding to be a force online and start making more money in the future. Some of the ways of doing this is to work on my SEO techniques and also work on increasing my skills online as well. Also they recommend to start a blog and post unique content to it,to help your small business along.
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