A Strong Presence of Facebook

People use Facebook in order for them to create a name online and to get popular. There are people who plan to start introducing their brands/services through the use of Facebook before creating a website.

They focus on getting people's attention and building a good start in the said page so tat when they've decided to build a website, it is easier for them to get desirable results because they already created a good reputation through the use of Facebook.
Well. You can see that the whole world is controlled by Facebook. Even peoples mind controlled by Facebook. Even all business and industries controlled by Facebook.


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Well Facebook is the source of a lot of information about everything, News, movies, some current events, religion, everything, and that's good. there's also a lot of situation that a simple person become popular because of Facebook, well, the "Viral" thing. And also some people they use the Facebook for their online business, or job, for additional income. And other thing is communicate to your lost friends during college days. Somehow, we really need the Facebook.
Facebook do really help if you are starting your own business. The fact that you can display your items or services on Facebook for free does really had a big assistance to be known, not just to your friends, but to other prospect customers or clients. A good way to be known or as they say, to be "viral", you just have your friends and family share your content, photos, or videos of you stuff. You will never know for the next 24 hours, somebody will message you personally asking for the details and price of what you are selling.