Using Google Plus

Google+ can be a powerful way for marketing. Things that you can do on Google plus to help bring you more traffic are:

  • Highlighting you as the author
  • Use the buttons a lot
  • Make your images attractive
  • Engage as much as you can
I had received several invites to join a Google+ connection but I seemed to have forgotten. I am comfortable with Facebook and I'm afraid to lose my connection with my active friends in Facebook. But if there will be a paradigm shift then I would have to go to Google+. But for now, Inwill linger with Facebook.
I built all by myself with various strategies of marketing a 40k community on Google+. I sold it twice, this is the second time, I've finally decided I have no use for it, I have no understanding of how to create profit. The owner is Jason, does anyone know how to make cash using a social media platform?