Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you have? How long have you had the pet for? What do you like and not like about having a pet?


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Hi, you have so many questions there, I will take them in order, so, I do have an aquarium with fish, pigeons, a dog, and a cat. I have my aquarium since I was a small child, my dog has 2 years old, and my cat is having 5 years old. I just bought my white pigeons.
I use to have a dog growing up as a child. The dog lived for 14 years and then it passed away. 14 years is quite a long time for that kind of breed we had.


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I have a family that like pets and starting from my grandmother that owns a dog to my aunt that got a cat. Pets are good at home especially when one wants to have a companion that would always make the house not to he that bored. For me, I don't see any reason to getting one as those around me already got theirs.
My favorite pet is a dog because they are very friendly and lovely to have in a home. My family is a dog loving family and very much good in breeding good dogs.

In my village my grandmother rare dogs for cross breeding business and almost all the villagers brings their dogs to get pregnant by her huge black dog.