Your favorite day of the week

What is your favorite day of the week?

For me it is Friday because then I know I have the weekend ahead to relax and to enjoy the weekend with no work.
Probably Sunday because that's when the new episode of Game of Thrones and Power come out. That can change (obviously) when all of the episodes finish air, but for now I'm really enjoying these Sundays.
My favorite day is Saturday, because I am completely free on that day, and free to all headache stress. I usually do, doing garden at the backyard, watching a lot of new movies, and sleeping. My friend usually visited me, in that day. We sometimes watch horror movies, as it is common to our place, if it's Saturday, specially night television programs.

This is common thing we do, if Saturday is special day;
1. We do a road trip
2. going out to beach
3. Hunting
4. Visiting parks
5. Visiting farms
6. Gardening

When more of my friends, do visit me, it would have more unexpected activities will happen.
My favorite day of the week is probably Sunday because its a family and church day. I love spending time with family and attending worship gathering. Its also fun to go to park to play with your family after a whole week of stress because of work.
Friday, why? The weekend comes after that and Saturday/Sunday our precise moments that I use to spend time with family, friends and people who matter to me most. Also, I get to sleep in the weekend and I don't have to wake up early for college