Bad reviews on Google

Has your website/company received bad reviews about your business on Google? Do you not know how to remove those complaints? The best way to do that is to contact that customer and work something out to make them happy and for them to remove the complaint.
Never happened to me.

Chances are, you would have worked out something with the customer before they left the review. Sometimes the customer wouldn't even be able to delete the review and some sites refuse to remove bad reviews for your business just because you want to hide it.
I am glad it has never happened to me either and I hope it never does. As long as you do your best work it should be fine but like that saying goes you can't keep everyone happy.
This happened with me when I wrote a bad review for a travel site. I had a horrible experience when I planned a holiday with them. This forced me to vent my anger on the web and I penned down my entire feelings.

After around 15 days I started getting consistent calls from the management. They pleaded guilty and requested me to remove my comments. They were so desperate for good ratings that they were ready to plan another trip for me and that too free of cost.

But, I just did not give in. I was so angry and I could not understand rather bear any justification.