Buying ready-made templates

When you want to build a website, do you buy ready-made templates from a site like ThemeForest or do you prefer to create HTML templates from scratch? Buying a ready-made template is a lot better sometimes especially for people that do not have much knowledge of HTML and CSS. It is also better because you can release your website much quicker as you do not have to code the website pages. On the other hand, a lot of people will have bought that same template which means most of the time your site won't look unique unless you customise it a lot. Have you ever bought any ready-made templates?
Templates are great for being able to quickly generate a very basic, but very attractive look and design to your webpage. However having custom made CSS/HTML will greatly benefit your knowledge and being able to understand what your website needs rather than following a template.
I always opt for readymade templates as they allow me to get a prior idea of the final result. Creating a brand new template is a tedious work and that too it is difficult to figure out the end results.
Considering all the work (somtimes, a lot of work depending on the focus to follow), attention and patience to create a new template from scratch, it's often more opportune to choose for the ready-made templates.

I have nothing against them as long as I'm around following the "construction".
Personally, I mostly get free templates and just modify them to meet the requirements of my websites. To be honest for most website they is no point of getting a custom made template as it makes not difference to most users, they only make sense if you are trying to get a website that is instantly recognised as belonging to your brand aka websites that are already popular.
It depends on what you have in mind when you set out to build a website, if you require a unique design that stands out then i suggest you code from scratch. But if you just need a simple yet effective website, then you should consider going for ready made templates, especially when you do not have any coding skills.
I also prefer ready-made its very easy for me to modify it to my liking, compare to making a theme from scratch it will take too much time and you need the knowledge in building it from scratch.