How many hours do you spend online?

How many hours per day do you spend online?

I would say for me it's probably 5 - 7 hours a day when I'm not busy and when I'm really busy an hour or less a day.


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The hours I spend online depends mainly on how busy I am with other physical activities I do like working in the office. Tha is if I have less task to perform at the office, I sometimes end up spending close to 12 hours online every day because I am that type of person that enjoys chatting with friends, reading news and checking up other things on Google.

But if I have lots of tasks to perform at the office, I spend between 6-8 hours online considering the fact that I feel tired after doing my physical tasks.
Usually I work from 9:00 am to midnight (I think this gives about 15 hours). It may seem like a long workload, but I'm a freelancer so I'm practically all day online.
Over the weekend I try to get some rest, so I usually just see my emails and some news and I go online for about 5 to 6 hours.
I spend many hours online just to surf the net. I love to watch movie marathons and tv series in video hosting/streaming sites. I spend 3 hours on facebook alone and probably 6 hours of movies. Lately, i am searching the net for more opportunity to earn money and i found ways like monitizing your videos in youtube.
I have a lot of things to do everyday, for my consultancy work, home errands and even house chores. I practically spend about 2 hours on the computer but not continuously. Regularly, I spend an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. That period of time is spent mostly on my online work to earn a few coins and also on my social media account. I am taking good care of my social media connections because they cooperate with zest when I have something to promote. More than 100 friends are supportive so I try to make at least 1 post every day just for them.
It's cool to see how many hours people spend online. It is different for everyone indeed. It's also cool to see what people use the internet for. People uses the internet for many different things.


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The Internet became my second house, I am spending here more than 8 hours, surfing, read emails, and do my daily tasks for earning money since all my earnings come from the Internet I don't think I spend so much time online!
I spend 5 to 6 hours in internet a day, Chat with my family,reading my email and making business. Many online site are very helpful to earn money so that i spend my time on this site, surf and surf to earn money.Sometimes i don't have any free time on doing another things, im just spend my time in internet.
I spend most of my time using the internet when I'm not doing some school work. I guess more than 6 hours, I don't know but really a lot hahaha. Because I use it the internet to chat with someone, play online games, watch YouTube videos at the same time managing my YouTube videos, using apps that requires the use of the internet and so on. Internet is everywhere in my life.
It is depending on the things that I have to be done. I don't usually go online if I don't have agenda to be done. Since my eyes is already damage, I don't want to damage it more. So, if I don't have important thing to be done I just stay online for about half to one hour but if there is something important that I have to finish I can stay for about 5 hours or until I finished the thing I have to be done. Sometimes it is also depending on my mood. Yes, my mood can also be a reason, if I am in the mood, even I don't have something important to do I can stay online for more than 2 hours.


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I spent almost 8hrs by playing games on my (PC) personal computer like Dota 2 but sometimes my PC when I spent almost 4hrs it keeps lagging and I don't know why.

Please help me I need some suggestion to fix my problem

Thank you :)


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Two to three hours a day, but in case of my rest day, almost twenty four hours. Twenty four hours of movie marathon, browsing my social sites, youtube, and visiting my extra income site.
I probably spending 10 hours a day estimated, since there's really nothing for me to. But every weekends I'm going home to my province and it's actually mountainous there, so perception of signal for LTE is really hard to find. I guess maybe an hour or two every weekend. I'm just surfing, watching videos, downloading movies, I'm actually a fan of movies, so a marathon I would say. Also anime of course, I mean like yeah, everyday. :)