How many computers do you have at home?

I actually have three also, a desktop, a laptop and a netbook. I use my desktop for gaming, online streaming and such, that requires higher system info's, because it's easier to upgrade in desktop and a lot cheaper compared to laptops. I usually use my laptop for writing documents, also for surfing, when I needed things for my work such as resume's. Then my netbook for my presentation in schools and work. Seems they have different use huh? But frankly, all of these can be done in just one unit, problem is these units, such as high-graded laptops are really expensive for me. So I'll be sticking with these that I have. :) Hopefully in future I can have one that will suffice everything that I need. :)


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I have my gaming PC and my gaming laptop. My PC is at my parents house as I am living in a different country for university at the moment so I just have my Laptop. I have actually started preferring my laptop to my PC now!
We have 2 computers at home aside from the reliable tablet that is handy. Our desktop is a 32-bit that we bought in 2009 and had experienced several broken system hard disks already, the most recent was twice in 2017. I bought an HP laptop at least we have a fall back just in case the desktop breaks down. The new laptop is running on Windows 7 although it was supposed to be installed with Windows 10 as per the literature in the promo. However, the vendor is my friend so I trusted her in downgrading the OS of the laptop to avoid issues. Windows 10, according to her, is quite problematic. With our desktop, we don't have any plans of retiring it. As long as it is running good under Windows XP then let it go running and serving us of our needs.


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I used to have two computers but now I only use my laptop. My PC doesn't have a power so I needed to repair it soon. I also use my PC for gaming and other stuff and I use my laptop for doing some documents. But what can be done to PC can also be done with my laptop so I guess if I wanted to rest my PC for a bit I switch using my laptop. I'm now comfortable using my laptop it's quite relaxing when I'm using it I don't know the reasons but it feels good actually. Maybe because I can bring it anywhere I want so I'm now happy using my laptop instead using PC.
Two (Personal computers), one of them is mine and one is my Dad's. Mine is Lenovo and my Parents is a Dell. I've dropped my PC various times and it's still working, glad I have a SSHD instead of SSD.