How many computers do you have at home?

Living without a computer nowadays is practically impossible (well, at least for me of course :)), but... How many of them do you have in your house?

I have 3 (but calm down... they are not all mine :p). I have 2 notebooks (1 personal and 1 from my job... I like these separation) and my parents have 1 desktop (which is in the living room).
At this point I only have one laptop at home, but next year (most likely in September) I'll have to buy a new one, as my older kid will be needing a computer more often for school work. To be honest, I am in need of a better laptop for me to work as well, as this old one I am working in already has some limitations.


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I am a bit of a computer nut so I have a few... one in my bedroom, one in my office, one in the living room and a laptop which I take with me when I'm on the go. I also have a Tablet for watching movies in bed. Not to mention my mobile which is like a computer in itself. I honestly don't know what I would do without technology these days, lol!
I'm pretty crazy with computers as well. I have 2 running in my main office. Then I have a few entertainment machines running and a few tablets.
I have one desktop which I rarely use now. I have two laptops but I prefer to work on the newer one. One tablet which is used by my kid.

Apart from all this I also like to access the internet via my smartphone.


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I am looking to increase the number of computers I have in my home. As at the moment I have just one computer an HP product, it was two before but one went bad and that left me with just one. I'm looking to get a desktop and another laptop soon, the desktop will serve for playing games at home while the laptop can be used by any other person at home.
I've got two computers at home, one desktop and one laptop, both of which I use to work from home and neither is used for gaming. For gaming I choose to go with consoles like the Sony Playstation. Although I don't have a working console today, I plan to buy the PS5 which is predicted to come out in 2018.
I am wishing to have more computers at home for my own use. The main intention is actually to have a mirror or running backup so that when my main computer goes down then I can easily switch to the backup as if there's nothing wrong. This is aside from the backup disk of important files. With my desktop at present, I don't intend to discard it when I finally acquire a new laptop which I hope would materialize before the year ends.


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I have three laptops, two of them i have used in the past, i gave one to my father and the other to my sister. But i'm planning on building a custom gaming PC soon once i save up a bit of money.
I have two iMAC's (one for editing videos, photos, etc, and the other one as a backup since I didn't know what to do with it when I got my new one ), one macbook (for school), and one Windows computer for gaming. However it looks like I might have a new gaming PC soon as well, since I want one with new specs!
I have two which are a laptop and a desktop but these days I hardly use them that much since my tablet does most of the task that they perform.. But they are important still because they possess certain things my tablet can do, like play virtual DJ, because the tablet don't have the adequate software to get it, but hopefully in the future that will be rectified..
I have a tablet computer with a keyboard that really takes care of my business today,and the main thing with these, is that they are cheaper and more lightweight and designed for people on the go today. Also they can perform most functions that a laptop does as well and the apps are usually cheaper than PC software. I have a smartphone also that you can do plenty on as well.
I have two working computers as of typing this. The rest are in parts all over the house.

The working ones I have are a desktop and a laptop. I use my laptop more and it's easier to travel with. I sometimes use my desktop for simple searches and for testing out certain programs for the OS.
I only have 1 laptop but its corrupted now so im using my tablet instead. Does anyone of you know how to fix a laptop? Its hard to enter forums just by using tablet and phones. I hope we can add more computers in our house for many porpuses. Maybe around 3 is enough.
We only have 1 desktop and 1 laptop. We prefer to have 1 for both for the convenience of everybody. My parents usually use desktop, since they are more comfortable in using that. While I prefer to use laptop, since I need to bring it at work and for me it is more easy to use and it is more efficient for me since I can bring it anywhere I want to use it and we don't usually need more computer since we are not that technology user. We just use computer when it is needed and not just for passing time.


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Just one. But my plan is to buy a new one for gaming, or maybe to build my own super computer, because right now I'm just using not even 1 gig. memory. Well, my computer right now is just for browsing and youtube. I can't even install the bluestacks to play game or to install some of my files from my cellphone. But still, I don't know when I'm going to buy my new one.


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I have only one computer for gaming and one laptop for searching or for surfing to the internet.

Why I buy laptop because I can use it anywhere and I can bring it anywhere in office, schools and etc.