Vlogging or Blogging


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Vlogging or Blogging which in your view is more a profitable venture. I think vlogging pays more than blogging and one can easily get good number of views from videos compared to articles. Another fact blogging in my view is more labor intensive while video making is more enjoyable. There seems to be more passive earnings from videos.
I think it's more a matter of person taste, but the two ways are very effective (each one of them with their specificities and problems, of course). Particularly, I think "vlogging" is more interesting than "blogging" because of the interactivity that is more active - I think most people are much more visual - with who is watching.
From what I understand what vlogging is, I
think vlogging is more labor intensive since you have to shoot a video. I have 3 blogs and I agree that it is sometimes tedious to write. And with vlogging, I also agree it is enjoyable. However, vlogging involves video editing and that is the hard part especially when the video shots are not that good.
Blogging used to be a good method to earn a steady stream of income especially if you managed to develop your blog enough to the point that you would be getting thousands of visitors every day. But I think blogs have decreased in popularity recently, how many people here read a blog every day? Unless your blog is a massive one like IGN, it is hard to create a revenue from it. Vlogging on the other hand is becoming a lot more popular with a lot of people wanting to try it out. The money that can earned from vlogging and post these on YouTube is massive. There are thousands of youtubers making 6 figure sums from YouTube which is just crazy! Like said above though vlogging is a lot harder to setup, you need all the equipment and starting a channel from scratch can be an extremely difficult process!


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I guess it depends a lot on personal preference. I like watching some vlogs, but I'm also fond of just having all of the information laid out right in front of my eyes so I can just read it. A vlog could also be quite long, and more often than not, I lose interest or click on something else that captures my attention instead of finishing the vlog. A blog post, however, could take less time for me to read and it feels more personal- as if the writer is writing directly toward me. Maybe a combination of both would be the most effective way, so you can attract viewers that like both.
It seems more of a personal preference. However I think ad revenue on blogs are more useful compared to vlogs because people have tendencies to skip forum posts and whatnot. However on blogs, all the content and ads are looted.
It's completely subjective. I know a lot of people who can't stand being in front of a camera. Some people can write, but can't speak straight English. So, it's a person to person basis. It's just about positioning yourself on a topic that you think people are looking for, or if you can offer something that can add value to other people's lives then you can write or vlog about it.
I understand that more people like vlogging because everyone is getting used to getting their knowledge via videos but I prefer blogs. I have a blog and I prefer writing out my blogs rather than creating a video. Plus, blogs are 10x easier to make.
I understand that vlogging is the in thing simply because it is new and an improvement to blogging. But for users like me who have short attention span and don't have the luxury of time, it is a disadvantage. I can scan a blog in 1 minute and read fully when it looks interesting. But with a vlog, you are at the mercy of the running time of the video. It is inconvenient to me.
We can have best of both, why not make a blog and vlog about it? Joking aside but it can be done more ways to earn money while doing what you like. Its more like you are just enjoying what you are doing. Making vlogs uploaded in youtube and a blog with adverts that is surely a hit!
I think it is depending on the preference of the person. If the person love reading then, he might choose blogs than vlogs, but personally I got boring reading the a very long blog about something. Most of the time when I watched Youtube videos and watching vlogs about a particular topic, I can say that I can understand more the idea than just reading it. I can visualize more when I'm seeing pictures or videos and I am also a visual learner so I can say it is more effective for me if I am seeing it than just reading it.