Computers or Laptop?

What do you prefer? Having a computer or a laptop?

I prefer having a computer as they are much more powerful, faster and always plugged in so you don't have to deal with the battery dying on you. Plus I have always been a fan of using a mouse instead of the keypad on the laptop.
I prefer having a computer because its better to surf and play games in computer, You can assemble a computer with the specs that you want.A higher specs in laptop is most expensive, you cannot customize a laptop.In computer you can buy a high specs CPU, a big lcd and a high quality video card.You can choose a high specs of computer and also you can buy it one by one.Than a laptop you need to find a laptop with a good resulution but lack of memory or it has a high specs but so much expensive.
Computer, i can work as fast as I can and my Laptop is full with movies already haha. I can only use my lappy when someone is using our computer.
I actually prefer using a laptop. I can sit on the couch with my laptop on my lap, even while it's plugged in. Yet if I was at my computer, I'd have to sit at the desk. It may not be faster (in some cases) but it can still run everything my computer can in terms of programs.
All my computers were desktops and they are all clone. Obviously, it is the budget constraints that's why I couldn't buy a branded. But a few months ago, I was able to have my very first laptop and it's branded too. An HP laptop is no joke because it costs $1,000 over here. However, there is that promo and the bundle is not in full so I got it for half the price. It's running great and although my desktop is still operational, I am enjoying the laptop now.
I started using desktops (and I used it for many years) but from the moment I started using the laptops I never changed my mind. Laptops are incredibly better and more convenient to use anytime and practically anywhere. :)
I'm equally comfortable working with both. Both of them have their own pros and cons. For me, it is easy to monitor the controls with a mouse. Whereas, it is the ease of accessibility associated with a laptop which wins the race.
They are both useful, it is just depending on your needs and your convenience. If you are working at home, then it is better to use computer or desktops, it is more powerful than having or using laptop. While laptop, if you are always on the go, it is more convenient for you to use laptop, since you can bring laptop everywhere. But for me, I prefer to use laptop, since I can't sit long in front of desktop because I feel bored, while when I use laptop I can lay on bed, stay outside, sit everywhere I'm comfortable.


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I prefer both I used loptop for Facebook, YouTube, watching movies, listening music, Google, assignments and for download.

I used PC for gaming like dota 2, LOL, NBA2k17 etc.


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Computer for me. I love to work or to do something on my computer, in the corner of my room where i can call my own station. No need to always think about where is the charger, my battery is almost empty. Laptop is also good, you can go wherever place do you want to go do your things through internet, very accessible, but i already have my cellphone, tablet for the possible notification coming from internet, and if i received one, then it's time to go back to my station. Actually I feel relax and, well, a little more professional, just a little, when i do my online job on my station.
I wish I could get used to using a laptop, I really do, they're handy because you can use them anywhere.

I've had a laptop for the past two years which I bought brand new and it's half decent but I just hate using it, the keyboard and mouse do my head in and I hate hooking up external ones.

On top of that to buy a decent laptop that has the same power as a desktop costs stupid, stupid money. So I always find that my laptop slows me down, as such it's been pretty much gathering dust since I purchased it.
This is just my two cents on what I personally think.

1) Computers - I personally feel that a computer is way better than a laptop for the simple fact of it packing a punch in power.
2) Laptops - I personally feel that a laptop is way better than a PC because how you can position the laptop and still packs a punch.