Traffic Exchange affiliate


Note: This perfect for product and services niche.
Warning: If your using adsense do not use this they are strict.
But I heard if you are a premium member adsense will not find out.

- After viewing 1000 site you earn $0.30
- Earn up to $0.10 if you refer someone and
he/she becomes active.
- Earn $1 if you win in the surf draw ticket.
- Earn 10% to 40% commission if your referral
bought upgrades.
This seems pretty good. I think you should offer a bit more money than the what you are offering. $0.10 or $0.30 doesn't sound a lot to me.
I'm not the owner so I can't do anything about it. But I can assure you that all of the traffics are real.
I was suspended twice there when I was trying to minimize the window enough to just see the buttons not the websites. LOL
By that I confirmed that they are seriously monitoring all the members if anyone is cheating or doing what I did. :D
I think it gives only fake traffics which is generating leads and revenue. I always prefer search engine optimization and social media optimization for organic traffic. I think I am expert with these optimization techniques.