How long do you look for a host?

When you want a host for a website, how long do you look for a host? When you look, do other people help you or do you remain independent and do it yourself? For me, it usually takes a few weeks, because I want to get everything right.
I normally do some research and try to switch before my current web hosting expires. That is, if I'm moving away from a web hosting company. If I'm looking to start a new site and I want a new server (let's just say I want to try something else instead of my current web host), I'd take my time submitting tickets to get my questions answered and try to find out how others' experience with the host.
I think this depends a lot on the need of each person (and this certainly varies greatly :D), there is no way to define some kind of pattern that limits the time for the correct choice. Many points need to be analyzed for the best decision to be made. :cool:


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I am on my own, but I don't think time spent researching is the most important criteria. I think the quality of the research is more important.

What do the majority of users say (there will always be some complainers, but is it just a handful or are there lots of complaints)? Is the customer service responsive? Is it fitting for the price? Is the current price an introductory offer that will increase by a large amount when it's time to renew? Do they divulge the renewal rate? There are lots of other questions as well, but they shouldn't take weeks to answer.

There are several sites that offer comparison charts as well, which should make it quicker and easier to find good hosting.
I think most people will take some time looking for a host. They want to make sure that the hosting company is reliable and good before they become a customer. I think most people go for the big name companies like GoDaddy that they know they can trust.


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I usually like to see good reviews about any hosts.I like to do some research about any new web host before using it.I think about any host deeply and ask for some essential questions.After this I make sure to join that host and its services.