Have you tried paid search adverts?


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Have you ever tried paid search adverts in things like Bing and Google search listings? If so, what sort of results have you gotten from it? Did it increase traffic and did you gain anything from it at all?

I've always been curious to see what the return would be from advertising that way but haven't need to market anything thus far yet.
No, I haven't used any of them yet because at the moment I didn't find it necessary to have to pay for it.

However, certainly the possibilities in the increase of the traffic will happen. It only takes creativity because even if you pay for the service, if there is no creativity in the hall, the work won't have the expected return. ;)
I'm trying paid search results now, it seems to be working pretty well. We will see fully but so far it seems to work.
Has it worked well for you? How much traffic and clients did you get?

I wouldn't use paid adverts or anything like that. If anything I would pay people to post on my forum if I owned one but that's about it.
I've invested in Google Adwords to get more sales in my online store. From my experience, I can say that their service is really efficient and it was possible to make some sales through sponsored links.
The only problem for me is that at the time I had little money to invest, so I decided to take a break with this strategy.
Also, I prefer to study a little more about sponsored links to better optimize my campaigns and get a better return on my investment.
Anyway, my opinion is: This really pays off as long as you know what you're doing and as long as you have the money to invest.