What do you think of Macs?


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What is everyones opinion on Mac computers? Personally I'm all for them and have been using one for a while now. I think they're much easier to use than Windows and Linux but have all the right tools like Terminal that you have to install and mess around with on Windows.

A downside though is that they are expensive and hardware wise, Windows PCs will out perform them by half the price if you shop around a bit.
I'm on the same boat as you... I love Macs (and it's certainly better than Windows and Linux)! To me, it have an effectiveness above normal and this factor is one of the aspects that most obviously draws my attention.

It's a very easy decision for me. :)
They are okay but I can't use them because they aren't powerful enough for what I do. I did use one for a while there and while it was reliable I had other tiny issues that made me return it. :p
I had one of the first Apple computers that came out-and it was one of those bulky desktop ones that had the big monitors. It was a very nice computer at the time but very expensive as well(is was nice for dial-up internet- haha). I noticed it had a very nice design for the times-but after that I never bought another Apple-I just went with a PC after that and never went back.
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As I said in another thread, I prefer PC's over Macs. They are much more affordable and they are great for gaming if you are into that like I am. PC's are usually more powerful too.
I prefer windows over Macs, why? They're to expensive, their often twice the price of a windows operating system. Apple computers have limited gaming compatibility. Alternatively, windows are cheaper and have more customization when it comes to gaming, you have a choice if you want to build or choose a pre-built PC. PC Gamer says there are 711 million PC Games available for download, read here.