What do you use for designing a website?


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The industry standard nowadays seems to be Photoshop, but do you use anything else to design websites? Personally I've tried a couple of things like Photoshop, Gimp and Affinity.

I guess it depends on taste but there seems to be lots of options out there.
If am doing a custom design, i stick with Dreamweaver as it a more sophisticated tool for website design. I also use different CMS platform in designing my website like WordPress, Joomla, Wix and shopify. They help save a lot of time when you want to get your website out as fast as possible.
I use Wordpress ready themes, so I practically do not need to use any tools for code. When I need to make punctual adjustments I do within the platform itself or use Notepad ++.
For the images I usually create drawings in the flat design model in Corel Draw and sometimes I use Photoshop to resize images and make them lighter.
In the past, when I created my sites from scratch, I used Dreamweaver.
I've tried designing websites before but I am horrible with it :D It's not my natural talent so I have hired a graphics designer to make a website for me.
I use Notepad++ for coding, it has everything I need and when it's run along with WAMP server, it works pretty well. For designing or editing images, I still use Photoshop CS3. I actually think it's still better than it's newer versions.

I did try GIMP once, but it just lacks in features, however for a free alternative, you can hardly go wrong with what it does have.