Who does the SEO?

Do you do your own SEO? Does someone else do the SEO for you? Do you do the SEO with other people helping you? So, who tackles SEO on your site?
I don't have a website or a forum but if I were to have one I would probably do my own SEO. I would do research on it and figure it out myself. That way I wouldn't have to pay anyone to do it for me.
I choose to do my own SEO. I added my site to Google and Bing This makes easier for real people to find my community because I manually submitted it to major search engines, like Google.
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With guest posting, it might be possible to go it alone. However, it depends on how many connections you know or can find.
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You would also want to submit your website to Google My Business. They will get your site live on google and people can also start leaving positive reviews about your website on google. They will send you a verification code in your mailbox because they want to know you have an actual physical address and once you put in the verification code your website will be live.