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    Have you ever been in the jail?

    My biggest memory was a holding cell. Not sure if it was around 48 or 36 hours. drunk driving The time was very slow.
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    How important is high speed internet in online job?

    Certain forum software tends to run slow on shared hosting of 20 MB of bandwidth (or less). Nonetheless, a faster internet connection might correct the problem. In other words, it might decrease loading speed from 10 seconds to 5.
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    How important is high speed internet in online job?

    Sattelite is somewhat slower. In fact, it's bad for FTP and online gaming.
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    What do you think about web hosting companies using wordpress for their main site?

    WordPress isn't a big deal because it has a lot of quality hosting themes for it. However, using a non-hosting WP theme could be a small challenge. Nonetheless, it's possible.
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    Free Point Mod for MyBB This one is always fun. ;)
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    Buying ready-made templates

    You can often order custom work too - but I think it's way more expensive.
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    Free Banner Mod for SMF Had anyone luck with this one?
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    Free Banner Mod for MyBB Not sure which I used at one time.
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    Free Banner Mod for XenForo However, for scripts the following is advised: Also, the banner one requires the following extra for sidebar stuff:
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    Free Banner Mod for phpBB This one is "under development" but still works well. However, be sure to always convert your banner code to a script.
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    Jene from Philippines

    Feel free to ask any questions and enjoy your stay.
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    Who does the SEO?

    With guest posting, it might be possible to go it alone. However, it depends on how many connections you know or can find.
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    Is Yahoo still a valuable search engine?

    Yahoo's share is 4.64, so it's worth the time.
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    What to do when the maketing plans fail?

    When money is involved, it's often difficult to recover from failure. What might be a useful strategy?
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    Paid marketing.

    Banners and forum signatures seem to be a good cheap alternative. I mean, you can see where it's coming from, and surprisingly, it seems to work better than you'd think.